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To make our communities safer by strengthening the Police Departments by employing cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict outcomes for the Police Forces.

Our Solutions

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Hiring & Retention AI Solution

We understand the pain that a police department goes through while recruiting successful...

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Criminal Finder AI Solution

Rate of crime by repeat offenders is as high as 43% in the US among released prisoners. Repeat...

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Cyber Crime AI Solution

Cyber Crime as a category of crime has seen the maximum increase in rate of incidence across the...

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Success Stories

Case Studies & Citations

Predictive Police Solutions

PPS’ foundation lies in research and successful field implementation done by its founding members in predicting crime. This research involved study of crimes done by known criminals and building a Machine   Read More Learning model using features of crimes done by these criminals After this success, the founding members tackled the next problem of helping Police Departments recruit better for Police Academy by employing Machine Learning.   Read Less

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Our management team comprises of seasoned ex-police
persons,data scientists and project managers.

Steve James

Chief Executive Officer

Lynn Jervik

Vice President | Business Development (United States)

Sanjeev Thukral

Chief Technical Officer | Chairman of the Board