Hiring and Retention AI Solution

Hiring & Retention bot AI solution

The challenges associated with hiring and retention of police officers in departments across the United States are well documented. For example, in many geographic areas the pool of candidates continue to shrink while police recruiting demands grow. Most law enforcement agencies have difficulty not only identifying and hiring qualified candidates but choosing the right qualified candidate with the most potential of being a successful and long-term employee. Making the wrong choice has a significant financial and resource impact. We understand these challenges and provide a solution to assist with the selection of qualified candidates who have the highest potential for success through all phases of the training and probation process.

Hiring and Retention is our AI solution, which significantly reduces the historic dropout and failure rate of academy recruits through the entire training and deployment process. Trained on past hiring and employee data from police departments across the US, >Hiring and Retention AI Solution predicts:

For Academy

In Academy

Success in
Field Training


Risk &
Early Warnings

Hiring and Retention AI Solution

Hiring and Retention bot is our AI solution, which significantly improves the recruitment efficiency of Police Departments

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